Press Reports

‘Stillwater Trout’ magazine

“The lakes enjoy a rich profusion of insect life”.

“The water is usually gin clear and there are excellent hatches of daddy longlegs, pond olives and sedges”.

‘Stillwater Trout’ magazine, Dennis Moss

“Size-wise, the two waters are typical of many small trout fisheries but there the similarity ends”.

“It is a revelation to walk the banks of Peter Turnham’s lakes in the Cotswolds and see big trout cruising around and feeding on natural food organisms. In my experience, this kind of foraging is by no means typical on small stillwaters”.

“It is an idyllic position, flanked on either side by sweeping stands of beech”.

“The clear water teems with shrimps and chironomids”.

“In the clear water, it was possible to target individual fish and with the exception of one rainbow I saw every trout that I hooked take the fly”.

“Visual fishing of this sort is both exacting and enjoyable and I feel many anglers would appreciate the sporting qualities of Brook Farm”.

“Brook Farm is an exceptional water”.

‘Trout Fisherman’ magazine

“This water is a real gem, a beautiful gin-clear water nestling in a quiet valley in the heart of the Cotswolds”.

“Brook Farm now also enjoys a spectacular hatch of mayfly”.

“This really is a quality water, and well worth a visit”.

‘Trout Fisherman’ magazine, Mark Williams

written in 2003 before we became Syndicate Members only

“Mark Williams visits a newly-renovated trout fishery set high in the Cotswolds beech forests – and it’s love at first sight”.

“I hit the brakes. Below me through the wooden fence Brook Farm had just appeared like a conjuror’s trick, and it was a truly arresting sight”.

“ ……has stocked his own strain of rainbows since the Fishery’s inception. It’s these fish that help make a day on Brook Farm the unique experience it undoubtedly is”.

“I toured the hatchery with Peter and his wife Carol who rear their rainbows with the enthusiasm and knowledge of a pedigree dog breeder”.

You get a comfortable six-angler limit; you get some peace and quiet. It’s the bargain of the year and even though it’s a six-hour round trip for me, I’m going back”.