Lakeside Cottage Fishing Guests

Guests staying at Lakeside Cottage have – for the duration of their stay – the unique opportunity of joining our very exclusive Fishing Syndicate. We do not sell Day Tickets, and the Membership is very small and limited, so there is no other opportunity to fish at Brook Farm. This means that Guests will very often have the lakes to themselves, and there will rarely be more than one or two other Members present.The fishing is predominantly Catch & Release, although Cottage Guests are very welcome to take a few Rainbows for the table – they do make particularly good eating due to the freshness of our Spring Water.

Catch and Release combined with crystal clear water means it is essential that Guests follow the example of the Membership and keep their impact upon the Fishery as discreet as possible.  It would certainly be undesirable if Guests fished all day every day.  Brook Farm fishing is rather like a good Single Malt Whisky, always sipped a little at a time.   We ask that our Guests keep to the daily limit of 6 fish caught and released and that they do not fish on their day of departure.  Beyond that, all of the existing Fishery Members’ Rules apply to the fishing Cottage Guest as well.

Fishing should be pre-booked directly with us at the time of booking your holiday through Manor Cottages. The cost for Temporary Membership is £200 per Rod per week, and is limited to two fishermen.

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