Fishery Rules

Fishery Rules only exist in order to maintain the quality of fishing for the Membership.

Our preferred style of fishing is Catch & Release, which experience shows can work perfectly, but only provided that strict rules reproduced here are followed.

Fishing Times9am to Dusk – Monday to Saturday
Fishing LodgeOnly available after 9am
Disinfectant Net DipAll nets used elsewhere must be dipped before fishing
 Fly restriction Nymph and Dry Fly only. Strictly no lures.
 Barbless hooks All hooks absolutely must be barbless
 Landing Nets Nets must be soft, fine mesh
 Landing fish All fish must be netted, but never removed from the water
 Releasing fish  Fish must be carefully tipped out of the landing net, and not touched. It is common for a fish to lie on the bottom after release, and it must be left alone until it swims off. 
 Catch Limit There is a 6 fish limit of fish caught and released in any one day.
 Brown Trout  All Brown Trout are released

Pre-booked fishing guest, up to 3 times per season. No non-fishing guests.