2020 Season Report


Well, it was different wasn’t it, but then everything has been different this year. At least when we were allowed to go fishing, we did. We lost the first few weeks, but what remained of the Season was good, providing a sense of normality for all of us. The water quality has been perfect all year; we seem to have arrived at a situation where perfect water quality is the norm. I suppose we shouldn’t be complacent, but there is no reason not to expect those conditions to continue. Best of all from the maintenance bloke’s point of view, the fennel pondweed did not need to be cut back. That’s a very welcome first, long may it remain so.

The lack of insects continued, and that’s concerning. Every year I anticipate a revival, and every year it doesn’t happen. We did have a mayfly hatch, possibly better than last year, but nothing to write home about. There were a few more damselflies, and a lot more midge flies. At least those midge flies kept us supplied with rising fish, so not looking a gift horse in the mouth. The fish from Exmoor were as good as ever; that at least seems like something we can rely on.

With the vaccine rolling out soon, next year things might even be back to normal. The way forward in uncertain times is to blunder on regardless. So, for now we go ahead with next season as usual, and shall see what happens.

A happy Covid-free Christmas to everyone and best of all, a Covid-free New Year.


Tight lines!

Peter and Carol

December 2020