2015 Season Report


It is wonderful to be able to report a good Season’s fishing, following on from the awful 2013 Season and the improvement in 2014. Insect life has still been reduced compared to many years ago, but the Pond Olives and Damsels particularly have increased well.  The reduction in our aquatic insect population is certainly not a problem unique to us – it seems to be a ubiquitous problem affecting many waters, both still and flowing.  We know we are pollution-free here, and so I think we can safely assume that the demise of the insects must be associated with the changing climate. Few if any animal groups are more adaptable than the insects and so, whatever the climate throws at us, we know they will adapt in the longer term, and this year has been a good confirmation of that.

The water quality in the bottom lake has been good this year;  in fact it has probably – in terms of water quality – been the best year we have ever had.  It has remained virtually crystal clear all year, and when we think back to those bad old days when the cattle had access to the stream above us, this year’s complete absence of algal blooms is really significant.  The little top lake still has a way to go; it obviously retains a burden of Phosphorus in the sediments, and the stream is still relatively nutrient-rich, but I do see some progress. Right now in December it is really clear water, which is all to do with the increase in flow and nutrient concentration but, once again, it is a good sign because, not so long ago in these same conditions, it would have remained murky during the Winter.

You cannot be a fisherman without optimism, the very notion is an oxymoron. So, when I think about next Season, I immediately see flotillas of Pond Olives blowing across the lakes like so many sailing boats, with marauding trout intercepting them.  Optimistic, of course, but following on from this year, there are reasons for optimism. It has been said many times before but really great trout fishing has little to do with trout – it is all about the environment, the water quality and the insects.  If all of these ingredients are in harmony, then the trout will inevitably do what a trout is programmed to do – it will always rise to the surface to whatever insect is on offer. Fishing is never the pursuit of certainties, and this is why – when that memorable day comes along – we cherish it!  Changing climate and extreme weather events are our uncertainties, but – with luck – another good Season lies ahead.

Season Dates for 2016:

Friday 1st April to Friday 30th September 2016

Tight lines to all our Members for 2016!

 Peter and Carol Turnham